Aliya & Four – Chapter 9

I walk briskly down the hallway on the third floor towards the media house in this huge building which houses about eight companies I guess. I have an appointment with the chief editor. Two days ago I  read his publication concerning the death of Julius and I am anxious to have more information about what ... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah – Responding to the Call

After Jeremiah obeyed the call of God to be a prophet and speak to the people of Judah, he took action. I don’t think Jeremiah just got up one day and started walking in the towns and shouting at the top of his voice “repent, repent”. After accepting God’s invitation to be used for good... Continue Reading →

Aliya & Four – Chapter 8

I watch in awe at the lifeless body lying helplessly on the cold floor. The deceased has a deep cut on the right side of his forehead. He was shot three times in his chest  with no mercy. And it's pathetic the deceased was murdered behind a church. Some of the church members and head... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah : Obeying the Call

Jeremiah had to come to  terms with the fact that God had chosen him to speak to the people of Judah about their sins and admonish them to repent. He was appointed as a prophet long before he was conceived. The appointed time had to come first for him to fulfill his purpose and when... Continue Reading →

Aliya & Four – Chapter 7

“Fred, I think this whole rivalry between Mr. Bawa and Mr. Dzingo is treading on deadly grounds! Who in this world wants Mr. Bawa dead? Two weeks after being discharged from the hospital and there’s a robbery! I am certain Mr. Bawa was the main target, reason  he was the only one who was assaulted.... Continue Reading →

Aliya & Four – Chapter 6

I just can’t  hold back my excitement seeing my best friend from class four hold on to her twins with her husband as the pastor prays for them. It is a beautiful christening ceremony. A serene environment with few guests who are dominantly relatives of the couple.  I recount years back how Baaba and I... Continue Reading →

Aliya & Four – Chapter 5

The court room is filled with mixed feelings of happiness and anger. I won the case for my client. Her family is jubilates after the judge pronounced the final verdict. The opposing party is angry with the ruling of the case. I can hear my client’s ex husband shouting on top of his voice as... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah : Chosen

For the past two months, I have been doing a study on Jeremiah. My decision to study this amazing character was sparked by my desire to study God's word as a way of building my spiritual life. I yearned to understand how peculiar Jeremiah was and what extraordinary traits he had that made him different.... Continue Reading →

Aliya & Four – Chapter 4

>> My mother has been the only one actively talking for the past minutes  as we drive to the gym. I am oblivious to what she has been saying as my mind is deep in thoughts on a case I am handling. I was in court yesterday and the proceeding was quite tough. I was... Continue Reading →

Aliya & Four – Chapter 3

“You know you were brought to this earth for a purpose. Oh yes! We all have a lifespan on this earth, so there is no time-wasting church! You have to utilize the gifts God has blessed you with, halleluyah? Amen. Yes. If your gift is singing, sing to glorify the name of God. If your... Continue Reading →

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